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Competencies and Computing Tutorials links:

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Online tutorials and troubleshooting guides:

Macintosh Troubleshooting:

PC Troubleshooting:

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Internet Cataloging-in-Publication Data and Citation Formats:


Schrock, Kathleen B.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators / Kathleen B. Schrock
MD: Discovery Channel 1995
1. Bibliography
011.3 dc-20
APA Reference:
Schrock, K. (1995, June 1) Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators. Retrieved Month Day, Year,
MLA Reference :
Schrock, Kathleen. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators. 1 June 1995.
Day Month Year Accessed <>.

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MarcoPolo - Internet Control for the Classroom:
• MarcoPolo provides high quality educational resources to teachers and students.
• Developed by world-renowned organizations who are experts in their fields.
• Standards-based resources
– lessons plans
– student materials
– reviewed Web resources

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Kathy Schrock’s Online Tools for Classroom Use:
• A hotlist of online tools for
– Teachers
– Students
• Teacher training materials
– PDF reproducible
– Online slide show

Kathy Schrock Teacher Helpers Slide Shows
(Includes “Icing on the Cake – Online Tools”)

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Online Space:

for teachers integrating technology into the curriculum

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Online Learning Resources -Training/Support and Discounts

Wired Learning
SBC Knowledge Network Explorer

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Search Engines and Tutorials:

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Hot Links to Cool Sites you MUST visit before developing your own classroom's AUP for using Internet and multimedia materials.

Crash Course on Intellectual Property
This University of Texas very comprehensive site has plenty of very current copyright and fair use information. Although it primarily addresses the needs of university faculty, much of the information is applicable to K-12 teachers.

Fair Use Harbor
This web page explores "fair use" in the not-for-profit educational setting and presents it in an informative and entertaining way. The author says, "It's meant to be fun" and it is. Thank you to Ed Biggs for pointing us to this resource.

Two-Page Copyright Chart in color! From October 2002 Technology & Learning Magazine (HDavidson,October,2002)
For more information on copyright and for resources for video editing visit:

U.S. Copyright Office
This is the "from the horse's mouth" site
From here you can "skip and click" to:
1. Request a printed copy of the Copyright Law or download PDF files of the entire law or individual chapters
2. Download a PDF of Circular 21 entitled Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians; (EXCELLENT resource)
3. Go directly to Fair Use

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Assessment Tools:

Odyssey Rubrics
Ready built rubrics

Matt Durant’s webquest on Authentic Assessment
A wealth of resources on authentic assessment, the resource section contains any examples of rubrics

Region 20
Rubrics from webquest projects

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Web Site Evaluation:

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Online HTML Tutors:

W3Schools have lots of examples available for you to edit. Those of you who want to learn how to write some basic HTML code, definitely check out this site. They also have more advanced types of web page coding as well.

Lissa Explains is a kid's web tutorial, but the straightforward language. It has engaging graphics, good web ethics, and fun projects.

Web Monkey is also a good tutorial in simple language with some fun projects and useful tools.

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Web Design Resources:

Good Clip Art:

Web Colors:
Great Web Tutorials: or

FREE CLIP ART Gimme royalty/copyright-free graphics!

1. Microsoft Office's Extensive Online ClipArt Collection. Clip art, photos, animations- you can search by theme, file type, and design style.

2. Discovery Channel's Teacher Oriented Graphics

3. Kid's Domain Graphics

HTML Cheat Sheet

Color Codes
Here are the codes for all the web safe colors found on most computers

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Mission Algebra Website:

Algebra for Grades 6,7,8

Technology promoting student Success, Standards-based classroom examples


Selected Math:

Selected Math Website:

The goal is to provide teachers and students access to virtual manipulatives that directly support our district's math and technology curricula.

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